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Green and Yellow
Sweetheart Earrings
These are made from real sweetheart candies. They are sealed to a hard non edible stage. 
List Price $ 1.00
Hand drawn and colored
w/ hand beaded seed bead necklace and no blk lines.Necklace is between 18 to 20 inches
Autism Awareness Necklace
This puzzle Piece necklace is made for you to show your support for Autism.It is a hand painted and sealed real puzzle piece w/ hand beaded chain. Puzzle piece shape may vary. Approximate length of seed bead chain is 20 to 22" inches long.Please specify if needing a longer chain  

List price $10.00
Autism Awareness Set
​Cigarette pack Necklace hand cut from pack and sealed for protection
Hand beaded seed bead chain is approximately 20-22 inches long please specify if long chain is needed $15.00 
All sealants on my jewelry after sitting for a time becomes non toxic. So if little ones or furbabies do chew on them it will not hurt them. This is from experience and a trip to the ER.
Pear shaped tree of life necklace.Silver wire w/ yellow and orange beads and a seed bead chain that is approximately 20-22 inches. Please specify if longer chain is needed
Orange Pear 
Cotton candy 
Tree of Life necklace blue and silver wire w/ blue,pink and white beads. Pendant is approximately the size of a silver dollar hanging on a seed bead chain  approx: 20-22 inches long. Please specify if longer chain is needed.
All items on this page are handmade and copyrighted to my company. They are only available through Cwdreams and More.
All designs may vary as it is hard to duplicate the same exact pattern. These are not official  products. They are inspired by only
Not the Momma's Pearls
This is an elegant Necklace,earring and bracelet set made with 8mm glass pearls. It would be perfect for any wedding or special event
Turquoise Tree of Life
Silver wire w/turquoise stones 
Pendant is approximately the size of a fifty cent piece.Seed bead chain is approx: 20-22 inches long.Please specify if longer chain is needed,
Autism awareness puzzle piece necklace,earrings and bracelet set.Real puzzle pieces hand painted and sealed.Necklace length is approx: 22" and bracelet is approx: 6-6 1/2

Not the Momma's Pearls
2 Piece set. These are done with gold findings and red 8mm glass pearls.